About Brooks Wade

Brooks Wade was born in southeast New Mexico. His family moved to Texas when he was 5 and that’s where Brooks spent the rest of his childhood. Growing up, his parents were real estate investors and entrepreneurs.

It was during college that Brooks first came to the sugar sand beaches and turquoise blue waters of Emerald Coast on a family vacation. Reminded of the tropical beaches of the Caribbean that he had visited on family vacations as a child. Needless to say his family fell in love with the area. It just so happened that their visit came shortly after the market downturn began and seeing the potential for profit his parents took the plunge into Florida property ownership with a vacation rental in Seagrove.

That trip was when Brooks first realized that he had been bitten by the real estate bug like his parents. So after Brooks finished earning a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, He decided to move to Florida and become a Realtor.

Because of his parents involvement in real estate throughout his childhood, Brooks was able to learn the industry from a very young age. He has had the opportunity to tour thousands of properties over his lifetime, and been involved in every facet of the real estate industry. This has given Brooks a unique passion and enthusiasm for the real estate industry that can only be forged from a lifetime spent around it.

Putting this knowledge to use when Brooks purchased his first investment property at just 23 years old, making a 40% profit on that house in just 1 year, he rolled that money into a 1031 Exchange and bought another property. Brooks has now been through the 1031 Exchange process 3 times for himself, as well as countless times for his clients.

In 2017, Brooks decided to build a brokerage of his own, to do this he knew he would need a strong team. Brooks found just that! Brooks was able to oversee his team of amazing agents while they helped 30 clients buy and sell over $14,000,000 worth of real estate in just the first 6 months together. Whether you need to sell a property or you’re looking to buy a home, vacation destination, or investment property; Brooks Wade and his team of expert agents at Gulf Realty 30A look forward to putting their knowledge to work for you!